New Feature — Course Catalog Reporting Dashboard

June 8, 2021

We're rolling out a new feature for our course catalog software: a reporting dashboard that shows common issues with catalog sites as well as any custom accreditation reports you have on your catalog site.

We've been using this tool internally to ensure we do a thorough job on the initial course catalog buildout, and we're excited to make it available to our clients to use as they update content and manage their catalogs. Here are a few of the audits included with the site health dashboard.

accreditation report dashboard Clean Catalog's reporting dashboard.

Broken-Link Checker

Our broken-link checker runs in the background to detect any links on your site that point to a page that doesn't exist, whether the URL was entered incorrectly or the page went down for some reason. We have built-in tools for linking to pages within your catalog, so typically this happens with external URLs.

Our broken link checker points you to the pages that have broken links so you can fix them, and the report will then update on the next scan — or you can manually request a new scan.

broken link report for course catalog software Broken link report.

Accessibility Audit

Our accessibility audit checks pages with the WAVE accessibility tool to ensure that no accessibility errors have been introduced into site content.

We build accessibility into our software, so accessibility errors are extremely rare — but it never hurts to double check.

In the rare case that a page has an accessibility error, it's usually because headings were added in the wrong order or alternate text on an image was manually removed. (Alternative text is required for all images on our sites and helps improve SEO.) Our tool points you to the page and the error so it can be resolved.

Missing Programs

Within our catalog software, all courses and degrees should typically be assigned to a program (or subject, or area — the language can vary from catalog to catalog). Programs help group content throughout the site, and make it easier for catalog users to find the content they're looking for.

Our missing program report shows any courses and degrees that are missing programs, so you can easily go assign them courses. Easy as that!

Custom Accreditation Reports

Custom Reports Are Free

We provide tons of options for how you can customize your site. If you need a report that isn't already built into our software, we'll build it for you for free.

Broken links, accessibility, and missing programs are common issues that should be monitored on most sites, but colleges and universities often need additional reports to ensure they're meeting accreditation requirements. For example, some accrediting agencies require that every course has outcomes listed in its catalog section. In this case, we can help you build a report that shows all courses missing outcomes, with the option to download as a spreadsheet as needed.

course outcomes report for course catalog software

Any custom reports you want can easily be added to your reports dashboard, giving you one place to see an overall view of your catalog's health.