Customizing your Catalog and Curriculum Sites

April 30, 2021

Here at Clean Catalog, we don’t believe that catalog designs are one-size-fits-all. Every institution has its own academic structure and brand personality, which should be reflected in its catalog and curriculum sites. Our design flexibility guarantees that your digital content will never look identical to those of other institutions who also use Clean Catalog. Instead, we work with your team to fully customize your site to fit your functionality and design needs.

Customizing the Format of Your Content

Every institution has a unique structure to their curriculum and your Clean Catalog site can be formatted to reflect that structure. For example, if your college or university offers emphasis areas within each major, we can embed emphasis area sub-degrees within each degree page. Or if your course pages have different types of information you’d like displayed — like different types of credits, a classification structure, or anything else — we can easily adjust your template to reflect that information.

We also commonly roll out new software features to better suit the specific needs of a client. Recently we teamed up with Southwestern Adventist University to create Curriculum Guide Templates which provide a seamless way to add in-depth information about degrees. No matter how your institution structures its academics, our team will tailor your catalog or curriculum sites to support that format.

Custom PDF Covers

All Clean Catalog software features automatic PDF generation of your site’s content. We can customize the cover page of PDFs with your institution’s branding, graphics, photos, and more. Your creative department is welcomed to design a custom cover page, or the Clean Catalog team to personalize a cover page template with your institution’s name and academic year.

The Visual Site Design

When it comes to the visual design of your catalog or curriculum site, the sky's the limit. Once we build out a client’s new catalog site, we will commonly team up with that institution’s creative team to customize the final design. Integrating photos, videos, and other graphic elements can pack a powerful punch and are a great way to inject personality into your site. We’ve also had clients send us Photoshop files to be implemented into their designs. Another option is to have your catalog and curriculum sites match your institution’s website. This helps to create coherence in your online content as users navigate between your website and digital catalog. Whatever your team dreams up, Clean Catalog can more than likely make it happen.

Integrating an Institution’s Branding

Integrating your institution’s branding is a simple yet impactful way to personalize your catalog and curriculum sites. Colleges and universities typically send us their full brand package, complete with logos, color schemes, and fonts, to be implemented into the site design. We’ll also help you strike the perfect balance of customizing your site and keeping your content both readable and accessible.

We’ve outlined a few of the most popular ways to customize your catalog and curriculum sites, but these ideas are just the start. Our software was built to accommodate for flexibility and customization, and we love helping our clients build sites that are a perfect fit for their institution’s needs. If you’d like to learn more about what customizations are possible with Clean Catalog software, feel free to reach out to us.