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Create and manage your curriculum with customizable workflows and easy-to-manage permissions.

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Streamline Your Curriculum Management Process

Manage all your curriculum changes and proposals in one easy-to-use system.

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We're typically the most affordable option for curriculum management software, and we do the initial buildout for you for no additional cost.

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We make it easy to integrate your curriculum, syllabi, and catalog content — and you can connect to your SIS or any other systems.

Customizable & Flexible

Fully customizable designs and layouts, and workflow capabilities that allow you to set granular permissions and approval processes before content goes live.

Trusted by the Nation’s Top Institutions

Georgetown College

Georgetown College recently switched from software built in-house to Clean Catalog. Read more about their experience!

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Russell Sage College

Russell Sage College switched from Acalog to Clean Catalog to reduce the workload on their staff, get an improved user experience, and get an all-batteries-included software package.

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Villanova University

Undergraduate, graduate, and student handbook buildout for Villanova University.

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Manage Your Curriculum with Advanced Workflows and Audit Trails

Workflows lets you distribute catalog and curriculum editing across campus, while still ensuring that everything goes through proper approval processes.