Why We Do Your Initial Catalog Build-Out For You

August 8, 2019

So you’ve signed up for the complete Clean Catalog online overhaul. Welcome to the family! When you first commit to moving to an online catalog, we like to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. So although our program is designed to be straightforward to learn and implement, we do the initial build-out for you — you just send us your catalog PDF, and we create a fully populated digital catalog for you.

Make a Smooth Transition from a PDF Catalog to Course Catalog Software

There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, we strive to make Clean Catalog a good experience for all our clients. We know that transitioning away from a long-established PDF catalog may be disorienting at first, and that feeling can be heightened if your programs or courses do not immediately display digitally how they did on your PDF. This often happens with content that doesn’t fit neatly into a course list or program description box, such as degrees that use “diversification requirements,” where students may choose from a long list of options to fulfill a single course requirement; or when footnotes need to be linked to specific courses, but not in every instance that those courses are listed; or when one program has several tracks students can choose to complete to earn their degree. We know exactly how to build all of those things out, and we can deliver you a product that you love on the first try.

Eliminate Data Entry on Your End

A course catalog represents a huge amount of data entry, and we know colleges may not always have a team (or even one staff member!) whose sole responsibility is to oversee its content. We are equipped to take on that workload, freeing you up to continue all the other projects that are necessary for keeping a college running smoothly.

Since it’s our product, we’re also the fastest and most experienced when it comes to building a catalog, so we can turn it around quickly for you to review and then pass on to students and staff within a few short weeks. After creating several dozen of these, we’ve seen pretty much everything! When challenges arise, as challenges often do when translating an analog product to a digital platform, we know how to work around them and how to create innovative solutions that retain the intent of your catalog while adapting to the online medium in a way that best serves digital users.

The goal of Clean Catalog is to give you a product that can be updated easily whenever needed. We are not simply handing over a catalog for this school year; we’re building you a platform from which you can produce all future catalogs. Therefore we do the initial build-out with an eye toward minimizing future confusion or limitations. We want to ensure it’s as flexible and customizable as possible, while still maintaining a clean, logical structure. In doing this, we aim to make Clean Catalog self-sustaining, empowering you to make it your own and tailor it to any specific needs you encounter as you go.