Free Perks with Clean Catalog Software

June 20, 2023

Here at Clean Catalog, we take a straightforward, transparent approach to pricing. We don’t believe in hidden fees, add-ons, or upcharges. For this reason, we offer our clients many free services, upgrades, and customizations that we encourage them to take advantage of. Check out a few of the free perks that all Clean Catalog clients enjoy.

Content Migration

Migrating your catalog content from another software provider may seem like a daunting task. We aim to make the transition process as easy, time-efficient, and straightforward for your team as possible, which is why we handle the content migration for you. Your staff won’t have to lift a finger, much less commit to endless hours of data entry, as they may be required to with other providers. Instead, you can pass off your catalog in whatever format it’s in, and we’ll take care of the rest. No matter how much content needs to be migrated, you’ll never pay a penny for this service.

Catalog Build-out

While many software companies charge their clients for the actual build-out of their new catalog, we take a simplified approach. Included in your bottom-line catalog cost is the build-out itself. No add-on fees here. This entails building out the structure, format, search functionality, homepage, content pages, PDF generator, and any other functions your institution may need. Depending on the unique needs of your institution, the build-out may require multiple rounds of revisions until it checks every box. Our team will work with you throughout the process and you’ll never have to ask the question, “but what will this cost?”

Unlimited Customization

On top of your initial catalog build-out, we take it a step further and offer free, unlimited customizations to your catalog site. We’ll add in your institution’s branding, customize your site’s search function, design page layouts, and nearly anything else you can dream up. We aren’t in the business of publishing cookie-cutter catalogs in assembly line fashion. Instead, we want to help you create a catalog as unique as your institution. The possibilities are endless.

Software Updates and New Features

As a Clean Catalog client, you will have access to all future software updates and new features that we release. With ever-evolving cyber threats online, we frequently release security updates to keep your catalog secure. These updates are made automatically with no downtime to your catalog, so you won’t even realize they’ve happened. Your catalog will also always meet WCAG accessibility standards by default. These standards are updated every few years, and though we’re typically already meeting the new standards, we release updates for any items that may be missing. We also frequently build out new features based on client requests and feedback, which you will always enjoy free access to.

Catalog Staging

Ahead of each new academic year, your staff will likely need to make updates to your course catalog. To help with this process, we offer free catalog staging to all of our clients. Our team will set-up a staged catalog for your upcoming academic year, which your staff can make edits to without impacting the current year’s catalog. The best part is, your current catalog doesn’t experience any downtime. This allows your staff a safe space to make revisions, add new content, and push changes through editorial workflows, all without publishing the new changes prematurely. Then, once your staff is ready to launch the new catalog, we’ll help you publish it and archive your previous catalog. Catalog staging also offers the perfect opportunity to implement any new feature updates that Clean Catalog has released.

Customer Support

The level and quality of customer support is an important factor to consider when choosing a software provider, and it is often overlooked. We’re proud to offer ongoing, comprehensive customer support to all of our clients. You’ll never use a help chatbot or wait days for a reply. We’re known for our quick response times and you’re always speaking to a human on our team. During the build-out process, you’ll get to know our Clean Catalog team personally and know exactly who to call if you have any questions. We also offer software demos for your staff, which can be a helpful way to onboard users to the new software or simply to offer a refresher course. No matter what you need, we’re here to help.

If you’d like to learn more about Clean Catalog’s free perks, pricing, or schedule a demo, feel free to reach out to us.