Make your course catalog, curriculum, and student handbook meet accessibility standards — no additional work required.

All Clean Catalog software is WCAG 2.2 compliant. Our software can help you meet accreditation standards for accessibility and make your important documents available to the largest possible audience.

Comply with Any Accessibility Standards You Need to Meet

Out of the box, all of our software — catalogs, curriculum, and syllabus management — meets WCAG 2.2 AA and 508 standards. We test our sites against WAVE and Lighthouse, but we're happy to test against any other tool you or an external agency wants to use.

Accessible PDFs

Not only is your web-based catalog accessible, but your PDF version meets accessibility standards as well. We audit PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, but we're happy to make any adjustments needed if you're testing against another standard.

Automated Accessibility Testing

We make it extremely hard to introduce any accessibility errors into your documents, but just in case we have built-in accessibility tests that run in the background and flag anything that pops up.