Unique Use Cases for Clean Catalog Software

June 17, 2022

Although Clean Catalog software was designed with higher education institutions in mind, our systems are incredibly adaptable for institutions and projects that aren't producing traditional course catalogs. Since we offer free customizations with all site build-outs, we can tailor our software to fit the unique needs of nearly any institution looking to publish course catalogs or curriculum management sites online.

Corporate Professional Development

Professional development initiatives are growing in popularity as a way to offer optional career growth opportunities for employees. Our software is an excellent way to organize those initiatives! The TGH-USF People Development Institute used our curriculum management software to facilitate the submission and publication of their skill development courses. We customized the interface of their site to allow instructors to submit course proposals, publish new course offerings, list suggested materials, and announce lecture dates. As professional development initiatives become a more popular employee benefit, our software is a great solution for facilitating those offerings. No matter the structure of your professional development program, we can customize our software to meet your vision.

Onboarding Training

Our software can be used to organize training, orientations, and onboarding for new employees or volunteers. Whether you need to organize virtual courses, in-person trainings, or training schedules, our software can accommodate that. Cayuga Centers is a non-profit organization that uses Clean Catalog software to coordinate their training courses and learning paths for volunteers and employees. For a seamless training and onboarding process, their catalog site integrates with their Learning Management System (LMS), allowing data to sync automatically. Our software not only makes their training process easier, but improves accessibility for individuals seeking to volunteer. Learning paths are organized by roles and the state where they are training, empowering users to complete their online training without assistance. They can also use any device to access the site, whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, thanks to the responsive site designs of our catalogs. Users can even generate print-ready PDFs of any page to obtain a hard copy of their training material.

Employee Handbooks, Faculty Manuals, and Any Other Text-Based Documents

The features that make our course catalog software so powerful — like workflows, accessibility, and PDF generation — also make it a great tool for managing any type of document. Many of our higher-ed clients use our software for managing student handbooks, but it can also be used by any organization to manage any type of handbook or manual. Clients have used it for conduct codes, employee handbooks, and more. If it's a text-based document that you want to convert to a dynamic digital version, odds are we can help with it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the flexibility of our software (or have a new idea for how to use it!), don’t hesitate to reach out to us.