Integrating your LMS with Syllabus and Curriculum Software

September 19, 2023

Our API integration tool opens the door for more accurate publications, easier content management for your staff, and more consistent information for students. Similar to our ability to integrate with SIS platforms, we can also integrate with LMS (learning management systems) sites. This service is both free and easy to use through Clean Catalog, and can have tremendous benefits for your students and staff alike.

How to Integrate with your LMS

When using Clean Catalog for your course catalog, syllabi management, or curriculum software, integrating with a SIS or LMS is simple to do. The Clean Catalog team will help you identify what information should be imported and whether any content can be overwritten in your catalog based on your LMS content. Then, we’ll determine the cadence of information being synced and how the syncing will occur. Most of the time, a manual import/export is sufficient for our client’s needs. While “manual” may seem like a burden, it actually only requires a few clicks from your staff. It also gives your staff full control over when content is imported/exported, such as on a quarterly basis, and allows them to review content prior to syncing. On the other hand, the API integration can be automated so that content syncs at a regular cadence. This is the preferred approach if your staff wants your LMS to sync frequently and without any manual work.

Which LMS Platforms We Integrate With

While the most popular LMS our clients integrate with tend to be Blackboard and Canvas, we have the capability to integrate with a wide range of LMS providers. If your institution uses a lesser-known LMS or even a homegrown LMS, we can assist your team with setting up an API integration to sync your publications. We're generally agnostic on which LMS you use, but our technical team is happy to discuss before embarking on a project.

Benefits of LMS Integrations

In today’s digital age of learning, institutions are relying more heavily than ever on their LMS to deliver coursework to both in-person and remote students. By integrating your LMS with your course catalog, syllabi, or curriculum, you provide your students with a cohesive, streamlined learning experience. Content will no longer be inconsistent across publications, but those publications will work synergistically and in tandem. Your staff will also enjoy the ability to edit content in one place and have it updated universally across other publications. For example, if a professor edits the final exam dates for a course on Blackboard, that update can be synced and published to the course’s syllabus in the syllabus repository. This promotes both consistency and accuracy of information across platforms. Integrating a LMS with other digital publications is a simple and easy way to improve the experience for all users who interact with your content online.

If you’d like to learn more about our API integration and how we can sync with LMS platforms, feel free to reach out to us.