Routing Options for Curriculum and Syllabus Approval Processes

June 2, 2022

Our curriculum and syllabus management software let campus admins create approval workflows that the appropriate people see and sign off on all content changes. In many cases, a single approval process covers everying; in other cases, however, content needs to go through different approval processes depending on the type of change, type of content, or other criteria.

Workflow Basics Video

For a workflow primer, check out our short workflow video on the basics of how our workflow system functions

Our software also covers those cases — it lets you create different workflows, and then specify criteria for when a syllabus or curriculum should follow that workflow.

Multiple curriculum approval processes Example of multiple curriculum processes.

For example, your institution may have a process that all new course proposals need to follow: they may need to go to the appropriate dean, then to the curriculum committee, then to the provost, then to communications for final proofreading. But if there's a small change to a course — a typo fix, or an updated date in the description — it may only need to go to the dean for approval. Our software allows users to select what route a change should follow, depending on the type of change. (And it can always be sent back and sent through a different process if needed.)

Selecting curriculum routing Example of curriculum routing options for a course.

All of the options above are up to you. Your curriculum or syllabus administration team can select what workflows you want, what routing criteria are used for those workflows, and what users can do what within each workflow.

We also provide a tool for monitoring where all content stands within the moderation process, where you can see all content currently pending moderation and sort by where it stands in your different processes, as well as see who originated the change and who needs to approve the current change.

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When combined with our robust users and permission system, the ability to manage routing processes for different types of changes gives your institution a powerful tool for managing curriculum and syllabus updates.