API Integration for Program of Studies Software

December 8, 2022

K-12 institutions often face similar issues with managing course content as do higher ed institutions, but typically with fewer hands available to help. With Clean Catalog software, your Program of Studies can be integrated with platforms you already use, helping to reduce the time needed to manage your catalog. Check out a few ways our API Integration tool can be used to create consistency across your digital publications.

Integrating with LMS and SIS

Clean Catalog software has the capability to integrate with Student Information Systems, including Banner and Jenzabar, allowing you to pull course information on demand or at a specific cadence. This integration can streamline academic advising and student registration by guaranteeing students and advisors are both looking at the same information. Our API integration feature even enables you to override to expand course information as it’s being pulled from your SIS to your course catalog, if needed. For example, you may not want internal course codes or last-offered dates pulled from your SIS to your course catalog, so that information can easily be omitted.

Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard or Canvas, can also be integrated for your syllabi and curriculum information. Information such as course credits, required readings, AP exam dates, and more can be easily pulled from your LMS and displayed in your course catalog. LMS information can be integrated in various ways, including to build syllabi repositories for each course or to build custom curriculum guides for different career paths. Having all relevant information in one place improves accessibility for students and empowers them to play a larger role in their own academic planning.

Integrating with your Website

With Clean Catalog software, your course catalog will have its own dedicated URL as a stand-alone site by default. However, our clients commonly opt to integrate their catalog with their website instead. This can be done simply by linking to your catalog on your website, or we can connect it to our API. This allows general information from your website to be reflected in your course catalog and vice versa, making the two publications fit together seamlessly.

Creating Consistency

By pulling content from your SIS or LMS, you are ensuring that content is consistent across your different platforms and publications. Whether a student or staff member accesses your LMS, SIS, course catalog, or prints a PDF version of your catalog, you can rest assured that your content will appear the same. API integration also ensures that multiple or outdated versions of your content are not circulating online since all versions are synced simultaneously.

Simplifying Content Management

One of the biggest advantages of API Integration is that it allows your instructors to update course information in one place, with that update then being reflected across all platforms. Long gone are the days of double data entry. Content can also be pushed from your Clean Catalog site back to your SIS or LMS, if your staff prefers to make edits directly within the catalog. Whatever workflows work best for your staff, API integration ensures that your institution’s content is being updated universally.

Straightforward Set Up

If your institution would like to take advantage of our free API integration for your Program of Studies, our Clean Catalog team will take care of setting everything up for you. Your staff will simply need to tell us what information should be pushed and/or pulled, how frequently these pushes should be made, and if there are exceptions or necessary overrides. It’s a seamless process getting started with API integration, and your staff will thank you for the countless hours they’ll recover that were previously spent managing your Program of Studies.

API integration is a powerful tool, especially for K-12 institutions who may not have the bandwidth to invest many admin hours in content management. With customizable integration options available through Clean Catalog software, you can tailor workflows to best fit the needs of your institution. It’s an easy, no-brainer way to make your Program of Studies more accessible, consistent, and complete online.