Curriculum Management for K12 Schools

February 20, 2023

K12 schools tend to vary greatly in how they structure curriculum, manage that content, and then publish it for students. These needs typically vary by state and school districts, and are further nuanced by magnet programs, private schools, and placement level courses. For these reasons, one-size-fits all isn’t an appropriate solution for curriculum software. Clean Catalog not only offers free and unlimited customizations so that your site is tailored to your specific needs, but we’ve also built-in helpful features to make managing that curriculum site simple and painless. Here’s a small taste of those features, which are always expanding to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Sync Curriculum with your Program of Studies

Typically, your Program of Studies and curriculum will go hand-in-hand. Since your Program of Studies relies heavily on your curriculum content, and vice versa, it’s logical to sync the two publications. Our API integration tool makes this easy to set up and eliminates the need for any double data entry. With just one-click, new content or changes to existing content can be pushed between your curriculum and Program of Studies sites. Not only does this make content management easier for your staff, but prevents inconsistencies or multiple content versions from circulating online.

##Publish Curriculum Publicly or Keep Private Not all curriculum information is meant for students’ eyes. That’s why you always have the option of publishing content publicly or keeping it private so that it’s only viewable on the backend or by staff with specific user permissions. Our SSO and two-factor authentication capabilities help to further protect private content from unauthenticated users.

This feature is especially helpful when it comes to making updates to your curriculum. We know that K12 curriculum can frequently change due to updates in national, state, or district requirements. When edits are needed, your staff can easily draft changes without them being visible to students. Staff members can even leave comments for each other regarding the curriculum updates, which aren’t visible to students. Once the changes are finalized, you can then publish the new content to be public.

Customize Format and Design

With Clean Catalog software, your curriculum management site can be customized from top to bottom around your unique needs. This isn’t just limited to the design of your curriculum site. From the ground up, the structure and format of your site can be built around the structure and format of your curriculum. The end result is a tailor-made site that fits-like-a-glove for your school.

Build Approval Workflows

Prior to launching your curriculum site, we’ll work with your team on drafting custom workflows. You’ll map out the pathway you want content changes to flow through, including any approvers who need to sign-off prior to publication. Workflows can be as simple or complex as you’d like, and even vary by the content type or department. For example, if changes to AP class curriculum need to be routed through a specific stakeholder, a workflow can be customized around that. Custom workflows set your team up for success in managing your new curriculum site, giving them the confidence that any edits they make will be properly reviewed before “going live.”

Create Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Guides are a powerful tool for K12 schools, as they allow you to include more in-depth information about a specific subject, career pathways, industry, and job outlook. For example, you can create a curriculum guide for all physics courses, which details more information for students who may be interested in a career within this field. It can include any pertinent information you’d like, including which nearby colleges offer physics degrees, what a college course load may look like, what career options you may have, and more. For high schools especially, these guides can be an invaluable tool for your students as they choose next steps after graduation. Visit our blog post on curriculum guides to learn more.

Curriculum is an important piece of the academic puzzle for K12 schools. Having powerful software with the proper tools goes a long way in curriculum management. If you’d like to learn more about our customizable software or what a new curriculum site may look like for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.