4 Steps to Getting Started with Our Course Catalog Software

November 27, 2023

The thought of launching a new catalog site can seem quite overwhelming and like a massive undertaking, especially to staff members who are already at full capacity. With that in mind, Clean Catalog has designed a new catalog build-out process with just four easy steps to get started. For starters, we take care of all the heavy lifting for you so that your staff can focus on other important initiatives. Our build-out process for new catalogs is quick and simple, guaranteeing you’ll wish you had taken the plunge sooner.

Step One: Schedule a Demo

We always schedule live demos with institutions considering our software. This gives a great opportunity to see the admin-side of the software in action and chat through software capabilities. Our team will show different site designs to give you a taste of what’s possible, though the sky's the limit here. We’ll also have an honest discussion about whether our software is a good fit for your school based on your needs. If your team needs additional demos hosted for other staff members or decision makers, we’re always happy to schedule those.

Step Two: Meet with Your Staff

Before diving into a catalog overhaul, we always recommend gathering feedback from your team on what they love and don’t love about your current catalog system. This helps to pinpoint recurring themes, locate bottlenecks in the content management process, and identify areas for improvement. Staff feedback will primarily help your team decide whether a catalog overhaul is a logical next step, and then guide the redesigning process. If we determine that we’re a good fit to work together and your team decides to move forward with Clean Catalog, we’ll then use staff feedback to drive the new catalog design and new feature developments.

Step Three: Sign a Contract

Once you have insight into what your team is looking to achieve with a new catalog, the Clean Catalog team will draft a contract for you. We pride ourselves on being an affordable software provider for schools of all sizes, and typically have the most budget-friendly quote amongst competitors. Small schools love us for our affordable pricing, and large public universities love us for our best-in-class software offerings. Even if your institution is simply curious but not ready to take the plunge, we’re always happy to provide a quote.

Step Four: Pass Off Existing Catalog

Clients often tell us that the most daunting aspect of launching a new catalog is the thought of migrating existing content. No staff has hours to spare for extensive data entry from an old platform to the new. For this reason, we offer free content migration and build-outs for all clients. This means that your team simply needs to pass off your existing catalog in whatever form it’s in, and we’ll take care of the rest. This may mean sending a PDF file via email, sharing the URL link to your current catalog site, or passing along a design file. From there, we’ll migrate all existing catalog content and begin building out your new catalog site. It’s as simple as that.

Want to learn more about Clean Catalog and the process of buying academic software? Check out our Buyer’s Guide or reach out to us to schedule a live demo.