H.B. 2504 Compliance with Clean Catalog's Syllabus Management Software

September 12, 2022

H.B. No. 2504 is a law in the state of Texas that, among other things, requires that undergraduate course syllabi be publicly accessible. Clean Catalog's syllabus management software can help your college or university comply with this law by moving your syllabi to an easy-to-navigate public repository that also gives you tools to manage and update your syllabi.

Not in Texas? This doesn't apply

But Clean Catalog can still help with your compliance and accreditation — read more here.

What H.B. 2504 Requires

The full text of the bill is available here. Obviously, you'll want to consult your legal/compliance team for a full reading, but the main points are:

  • Most higher-ed institutions in Texas need to provide public internet access for the syllabus AND faculty CV for each undergraduate course
  • The syllabi need to include standards, course requirements, required or recommended reading, and a general description of the subject matter.
  • The information needs to be accessible in less than three links from the institution's homepage.
  • The information needs to be searchable by keyword.
  • The information can't be behind any sort of password or login system.
  • Syllabi need to be updated when information changes.

How Clean Catalog Can Help Meet H.B. 2504 Compliance

Accessible, Searchable Public Repository for Syllabi

Need to Get Your Syllabi Up Fast? We do the Buildout for You

We do the full data transfer for you, and we can work with whatever format your syllabi are currently in. A typical syllabi buildout takes eight weeks.

Clean Catalog recently helped Weatherford College — a public community college in Weatherford, TX — move their syllabi to a public repository as part of their H.B. 2504 compliance. The repository is accessible on any browser (including mobile devices), is easily searchable, and provides both a digital and PDF version of each syllabus.

Having the syllabi three links from the homepage is straightforward: in Weatherford's case, you click on (1) Current Students, then (2) catalog, then (3) syllabi. By default, syllabi and faculty information will be public — but we do offer functionality to selectively hide admin-only information so that it's only visible to specific users after authentication.

Our syllabi repositories are searchable by keyword (like Weatherford's), or by any criteria you want — credits, instructor, semester offered, and much more.

Templated Syllabi with Required Information

All syllabi within our software follow consistent templates, ensuring all information displays correctly on all syllabi. As part of this, specific sections — like the ones required by H.B. 2504 — can be required, ensuring that all syllabi have that information.

Section of a syllabus form with required fields. Section of a syllabus form with required fields.

Tools and Reporting for Keeping Syllabi Up to Date

Our syllabus management software has tons of tools to make it easy to keep your syllabi up to date: workflows for managing approvals, audit trails, user and permission management, and much more. We've designed our tools to make it easy for faculty and staff to keep their syllabi up to date while ensuring everything goes through the appropriate reviews and approvals.

Our reporting feature allows you to easily generate reports, including reports on when syllabi were last updated — this can help you ensure that you're compliant with keeping all syllabi updated every year or every term.