Customizing Curriculum Forms

April 5, 2023

Curriculum forms are a powerful tool for consolidating and organizing course, degree, and other curriculum information for your staff, while keeping sensitive curriculum information away from students’ eyes. With Clean Catalog, the customizability of these curriculum forms allow them to be tailored to your institution’s exact information structures, pain points, and goals, ensuring they are a helpful tool for your faculty and staff.

What Curriculum Forms Are

Essentially, curriculum forms are templates used to add or edit curriculum information, often as part of a curriculum workflow. Curriculum forms can have any types of fields to store any information you want. For example, a curriculum form for a course might have information like:

  • Course number
  • Course title
  • Course credit values
  • Lab hours
  • Lecture hours
  • Prerequisites and co-requisites
  • Course outcomes
  • Textbook requirements
  • Department
  • Faculty load
  • Course capacity
  • Any other information you associate with a course's curriculum

A curriculum form for a degree or program might have information like:

  • Degree title
  • Effective date
  • List of course requirements
  • Sequencing of course requirements
  • Faculty information
  • Location
  • CIP code
  • Department
  • Any other information you associate with a degree or program's curriculum

Customizing Curriculum Forms

Every university, college, and school district has their own unique way of structuring, organizing, and classifying their curriculum. With so much variability in how institutions manage curriculum, having a fully customizable form is an easy way to streamline this piece of content management for your staff. During the build-out phase of your catalog or curriculum site, the Clean Catalog team will collaborate with your staff to customize the template. You’ll be able to decide what information and questions you’d like to include on the form, all relevant and specific to your institution. After launching, we are always happy to fine-tune your curriculum forms as your staff learns which content fields should be added and which content fields aren’t helpful.

Advantages of Customizing Curriculum Forms

By customizing the content, formatting, and appearance of curriculum forms, you ensure that content is consistent and complete across your catalog. Your staff members won’t reinvent the wheel each time they input curriculum data for a new course, guessing at what information to include. Instead, your curriculum form will prompt them with required fields, the order that it should be listed, and drop-down options to help classify content. Customized forms save your staff many admin hours in the long run by simplifying the process of adding and managing course content.

Other Uses for Customized Forms

The ability to customize forms isn’t limited to curriculum sites. Some of our clients, such as Wenatchee Valley College, have used this feature to customize the syllabi for their courses. Rather than only being visible on the backend by admin, these syllabi forms are published globally for student’s eyes, as well. When it comes to customizable forms, the sky’s the limit.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a demo to see how curriculum forms work in real-time, send us a message and we’d love to talk more.