Showcase — 5 Custom Site Designs

February 25, 2023

As a company, we pride ourselves on pushing the envelope when it comes to academic catalogs, and we encourage our clients to do the same! That’s why we offer free and unlimited customizations during catalog build-outs.

While most software providers build the same cookie-cutter catalog for every client, we believe that no two academic institutions are alike, and course catalogs should celebrate that fact. From top to bottom, our catalog software is fully customizable. Whether you want to submit design files for a fully custom look, simply give creative direction to the Clean Catalog team, or something in between, we can make your vision a reality. Check out a few unique site designs we’ve built over the years to gather some inspiration.

Georgetown College

During the build-out process, Georgetown College provided stunning photos of their campus that we knew needed to be integrated into their catalog. We designed a custom homepage for their catalog with this photography, which allows users to navigate between the graduate catalog, undergraduate catalog, and student handbook. We also implemented the same footer navigation bar that Georgetown uses for their institution’s website, which creates a very polished and seamless feel. The virtual “curb appeal” of their new catalog site not only fosters greater user engagement, but contributes to overall success of their catalog.

Georgetown College's Course Catalog Homepage Georgetown College's Course Catalog Homepage


Georgetown College's Catalog Footer Georgetown College's Catalog Footer

View Georgetown’s custom catalog here

Full Sail University

Full Sail University has very minimalist and streamlined branding, which we reflected in the format and design of their course catalog. The custom sticky sidebar navigation, call-to-action buttons in the footer, and live chat function make for a sleek user experience. The Full Sail team even provided a colorful student graphic to use in the banner of the catalog homepage. The result is a catalog site that feels completely tailor-made to their institution.

Full Sail's Course Catalog Homepage Full Sail's Course Catalog Homepage


Full Sail's Course Catalog Homepage Full Sail's Degree Listing Page


Full Sail's Course Catalog Homepage Full Sail's PDF Catalog

View Full Sail’s custom catalog here

Northwestern Nazarene University

NNU’s course catalog is a great example of how university branding can be used to guide site design. From brand colors to fonts to graphic elements, we can adhere to any guidelines set by your institution. For NNU, we leaned into their red and black colors, while also implementing an overlay of design elements, such as grid dots, to add visual interest. As part of the functional design, we integrated a “quick links” section in the footer to improve accessibility and searchability of the catalog. This section includes info on accreditation, Title IX, campus information, and even hyperlinks to social media platforms.

Northwest Nazarene University Course Catalog Homepage Northwest Nazarene University Course Catalog Homepage


Northwest Nazarene University's Course Modules Northwest Nazarene University's Course Modules]

View NNU’s custom catalog here

Grace Hill

Grace Hill, an educator in the real estate industry, presented us with a unique use case for our catalog software and we rose to the occasion by creating a completely customized catalog design. As a for-profit organization, we designed Grace Hill’s catalog to not only be modern and engaging, but to drive conversions. To do so, we first added a colorful “request demo” call-to-action button in the navigation bar. The contrast of red and blue in the catalog is backed in color psychology and designed to draw attention to important, revenue-driving content. We also included a grid of course previews on the homepage so that users can easily parse content to find what they’re searching for. The end result is not just a beautiful catalog site, but one that plays an integral role in Grace Hill’s sales funnel.

Grace Hill's Course Catalog Homepage Grace Hill's Course Catalog Homepage


Grace Hill's Course Modules Grace Hill's Course Modules

View Grace Hill’s custom catalog here

Kaua‘i Community College

Who says academic publications have to be boring? During their build-out, Kaua’i wanted to embrace their funky brand colors and custom photos to publish a fun yet functional course catalog. The photo of program admin on the homepage adds personality and friendly faces to “welcome” users to the catalog. The Kaua’i team also designs a new cover page for the PDF version of their catalog each year. These covers are typically photo montages from previous academic years and are a great way to differentiate these publications from year-to-year.

Kaua‘i Community College Course Catalog Kaua‘i Community College Course Catalog


Kaua‘i Community College PDF Catalog Kaua‘i Community College PDF Catalog

View KCC’s custom PDF catalog here

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog post outlining how your catalog can be customized and why we don’t charge for these customizations. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to schedule a demo or learn what a transition to Clean Catalog software may look like for you.