Templated Content for Program of Studies Software

June 28, 2022

Templated content is a feature that is baked into all Clean Catalog software. It is a gamechanger in terms of content management, especially for high schools and middle schools publishing their Program of Studies online. Not only do templates make creating new courses and catalog pages simple for your staff, but they ensure that your Program of Studies is complete and consistent across your site.

Empower Staff with Easy Content Management

Content management can be an enormous burden on staff, and you'll likely end up with inconsistent and incomplete content if you give your staff free reign. When you publish your Program of Studies online with Clean Catalog, you automatically empower your staff to publish their coursework info, keep information up-to-date, and make revisions for upcoming calendar years by streamlining the content management process. Templates are fully customizable so that your institution can require specific fields and provide relevant prompts for each type of content. For example, your course listing template may require subject, grade level, pre-requisites, and the teacher’s name prior to publishing. Optional fields may include supply lists, reading materials, or a link to the LMS course page. These prompts and mandatory fields ensure that all content is complete prior to publishing and consistent across your site.

Organizing Courses and Content

Templates are an excellent tool for organizing course offerings categorically, whether it be by grade level, magnet programs, subject, credit value, or semesters when the course is being offered. This organization makes navigation a breeze for students, as they can search or filter content by any category to quickly find the information they’re looking for. This also empowers your students to find courses that fit their needs, whether they’re looking for an art elective or a class that’s offered during the summer, without needing assistance from a guidance counselor. Custom fields can be added to templates based on the unique needs and academic structure of your institution, allowing your staff to organize content in whichever way makes most sense for your institution. Templates allow for consistent organization of content within each course listing so that information appears in the same order, formatting, and design for each course.

Print-Ready Program of Studies

Our PDF generation feature goes hand-in-hand with our customized templates. During the build-out phase of your Program of Studies site, our team will work with you to customize the design, format, and brand guidelines content will adhere to. Once these designs are set, all published content will follow that format, including the PDF version of your site. Your students, parents, and faculty can then generate a print-ready version of your Program of Studies that is up-to-date, easy to read, and consistent.

If you’d like to learn more about our content templates and how they can complement your Program of Studies, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or watch our Templated Content video.