Features — Quick Inline Editing

July 9, 2019

Last updated: September 28, 2020

Make those final changes without redoing all your hard work

Say you’ve just finished importing your entire course catalog online. You’ve built out the degrees; formatted each bullet point and sub-bullet point and sub-sub bullet point exactly how you want it. Course lists are neatly organized by area and by semester. Sweet relief is in sight!

But then you start to notice little errors. Maybe a website URL isn’t displaying as a hyperlink, or a course is listed with the wrong number of credits, or all the Computer Science degrees are listed with a math elective instead of a science elective.

This is where our inline “Quick edit” feature can save the day and get you out the door faster.

Rather than hitting Edit, which forces you to open up a whole new page and then re-save it when you’re done, find the pencil icon by hovering your mouse over the upper right corner of the content. If you click on it, you get three options: Quick Edit, Edit, and Delete.

When you select Quick Edit, the rest of the page lights up with boxes outlining the different pieces of the page that can be adjusted with this tool: title, description text, courses, program and type, etc. A gray box with the normal text formatting tools will also hover over whichever box your mouse is pointing to.

To make adjustments via Quick Edit, simply click into any of those available boxes. If you need to fix a hyperlink, there’s the hyperlink button in the gray formatting box, just as it is on a normal Edit page. If you need to change out a course requirement, click on the pencil icon next to that course and the entire Degree Section will pop up, allowing you to expand or collapse sections and edit Degree Section Courses and Degree Section Titles as needed. When you’re done, just click the blue Save button and you’re good to go.

This tool is best used for small fixes. If there’s more than one change you want to make on a page, it’s still simpler to click Edit and open the full page, as bouncing between different pop-up boxes to Quick Edit multiple pieces of the page can be confusing.

Just as in the normal Edit page, when you’re using Quick Edit, make sure that your course number, degree type or program name auto-fills when you start typing it into the box, so that it corresponds to a real course that’s already in the system and will link to that course automatically.

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