Involving your Design Team in Your Catalog, Curriculum, or Syllabi

August 15, 2022

Academic software doesn’t have to be boring or cookie-cutter. We’ve designed Clean Catalog software to offer the most possible entry points for customizing your course catalog, no nickel and diming involved. Free and unlimited customizations are included in every catalog build-out, and our team is happy to work with your institution’s design or marketing department to ensure your catalog or other products are as beautiful and impactful as you’d like. Check out a few ways you can involve your creative team in the designing the look and functionality of your catalog.

Choosing Branding and Visual Elements

With all of our products, we can start you off with standard templates we've designed and refined. The templates provide great starting layouts, which you can then customize with your institution's branding and other customizations.

See a standard template in action.

Check out White Mountains Community College for an example of what our standard templates look like on catalog sites.

We will use your logo, brand colors, and typography, along with any additional visual elements you’d like to add. Your marketing team can also select campus photos, videos, and graphics to be displayed on your site, which is a great way to add curb appeal to your site.

Customizable PDF Cover Pages

All Clean Catalog software comes with a built-in PDF generation tool, which can generate printable PDF pages of specific content or the catalog in its entirety, all in a few easy clicks. We can upload custom cover pages to your PDF course catalog, which can be updated for each calendar year. Your design team can dream up a custom design, or you can even hold a design contest for your students. The sky's the limit with these designs, so let your team show off their design chops!

Creating Site Designs in Photoshop

If you have design-savvy team members, they can design catalog layouts within Photoshop, which we can then implement into your catalog’s design. We will share the design specs we need, and your team can then have free rein in creating custom Photoshop designs that will become the designs for your site. A great option is to have your team design custom layouts for specific content, such as course listings, degree pages, or programs. We will then use that design to create a template, ensuring it is consistently used across your site each time new content is created by your staff. You can learn more about our customizable templates here.

We love when clients push the envelope with their catalog customizations. Not is it a blast watching their designs come to life, but we enjoy seeing the impact these custom catalog designs have in making your new catalog site a success. If you have questions or would like to learn more about what customizations you can achieve with Clean Catalog, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!