Using Elective Groups

  1. While editing a degree, click the "create a new elective group" button under the courses section Alternatively, you can also click on content, add, and "elective group."

    If you don't have these options, you likely don't have permission to create elective groups and will need to contact your site administrator.
  2. Next, fill in the details on your elective group. Typically you'll at least want to fill in the title and the number of credits. You can also add a description and list applicable courses.
  3. Once you're done, click "save." Your elective group will now be available to use on degrees and certificates.

    To add the elective group to a degree, start typing the title of the elective group and it will autocomplete.
  4. To edit existing elective groups, hover over the elective group on a degree, hover over the pencil icon, and click "edit." You can then make changes to the elective group. Remember that those changes will be reflected anywhere the group is used.