NWCCU Catalog Accreditation Requirements

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This is the first in a series of posts detailing what different accrediting bodies require for college catalogs.

Preparing for accreditation review can be a huge task, so below we’ve prepared a checklist of what the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities requires in a college catalog.

The Catalog Itself

Here are the items that NWCCU requires in the actual catalog, per standard 2.D.5:

In Academic Publications

NWCCU has a separate standard for what needs to be included in all publications describing academic programs — which includes your catalog. Per standard 2.D.6, here’s what you need to include:

Information You're Required to Publish Somewhere

These are all things that don’t necessarily have to be in your catalog, but that NWCCU requires you to publish somewhere — and the catalog is often a good place to put them.

Mission & Core Themes

Academic Information & Policies

Colleges are required to publish the following policies for students. Again, it’s not required that this be in your catalog, but it’s often a good place for them.

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