Case Study – Peninsula College

An accessible digital catalog to help Peninsula College meet accreditation requirements.

Peninsula College in Port Angeles was Clean Catalog's very first customer — their staff saw early on that Clean Catalog could help them meet their goals for providing an accessible and easy-to-use catalog for their students, while giving them a tool to easily manage their content and adjust to ongoing accreditation requirements. We've loved working with the staff at Peninsula as Clean Catalog has grown; here's a rundown of how we've worked with them to provide best-in-class College Catalog software.

The Goals

Meet Accreditation Criteria

As part of Peninsula's accreditation, they needed a way to display and manage course and program outcomes. With Clean Catalog, they were able to easily import their course outcomes on courses, and can easily edit them as their curriculum committee makes changes. They also needed to ensure that their catalog was accessible to all users, which is something that's baked into Clean Catalog's software from the start.

Have a Dynamic and Responsive College Catalog

Prior to switching to Clean Catalog College Catalog software, Peninsula College had been creating their College Catalog with InDesign files that they exported to PDFs. They wanted to upgrade to something more dynamic, with interactive links and a search bar and easy-to-read layout.

Many of today’s college freshmen were born in this millennium, and as such, their expectation is that any necessary information should be immediately accessible across multiple platforms. Peninsula College needed a College Catalog that worked on smartphones – without the layout going wonky or the text becoming misshapen.

Make the Catalog Easy to Edit

Many people have a hand in producing the content that goes into Peninsula’s College Catalog, and they needed a concise way to put all those edits together. Clean Catalog makes it easy to set up different levels of permissions for as many team members as you have.

What Peninsula's Staff Says About Clean Catalog

Staff at Peninsula say the interface is “simple and easy to use,” even for stakeholders who don’t normally feel very tech-savvy.

They like the clean layout and branding, which help the catalog mesh seamlessly with other pieces of Peninsula’s online presence.

“It’s a great product with great support,” said Dana Hogenson, graphic designer and web specialist.

Interim IT Director Emma Janssen added that their experience working with Clean Catalog has been “stellar,” with quick responses and willingness to adapt the product to best fit Peninsula’s needs.

Plus, she said, our product is very affordable for schools to use.

Dana Hogenson

Multimedia Designer

It’s a great product with great support