Case Study — TGH-USF Curriculum

Customized curriculum management software for a new initiative.

We recently partnered with TGH-USF People Development Institute to launch a curriculum management site for offering a variety of skill development courses to their employees. This was a unique integration of our curriculum management software and we enjoyed customizing it to fit their needs. We spoke with Brandon Maldonado, the Training and LMS Technology Specialist at Tampa General Hospital, about their experience with transitioning to Clean Catalog software.

The Challenges

The People Development Institute is a new initiative that TGH-USF recently launched and is one of the first of its kind. As a result, PDI did not have an existing software platform to manage their curriculum nor an existing model to follow. With PDI still working out the kinks of their new program, the buildout of their curriculum site was a fluid process. PDI emphasized that they wanted an easy-to-use interface that would encourage instructors to submit new course proposals by making the process quick and simple. They also wanted the new curriculum site to reflect the values of TGH in terms of structure and organization. Our team worked closely with the PDI staff and made many modifications until we perfected the site’s functionality and design.

The Process

The site buildout involved importing their existing library of courses, which were previously stored in a spreadsheet. This included adding fields for the instructor, contact information, suggested materials, and lecture dates to create consistency across all courses. We then designed a custom template for creating new content to maintain this consistency as new courses are created. We launched their new curriculum management site about 4 weeks after kicking off. At this time, we led a training for their staff on how to use their new site.

Our Solutions

PDI’s new curriculum management site was designed to receive course proposals from qualified instructors and publish courses once approved. These courses are easily searchable on the curriculum site and can be filtered by different criteria. Each course also connects back to one of six strategic pillars of TGH, which promotes both brand consistency and a coherent structure.

Another main component of the buildout was setting up the ability for anyone to submit course proposals without having to request or create an account. This involved various security measures to require the correct format of information and in some cases, hide certain administrator-only fields from the public. When a potential instructor submits the course, it immediately enters a customized workflow to alert the PDI administrators. After the review is completed, it is seamlessly published and the instructor is notified that their course has been approved. Maldonado said that using Clean Catalog’s interface has been “very easy! The customization and automation potential level led us to partner with Clean Catalog.” By customizing workflows and security features, we were able to remove hurdles for instructors submitting course proposals and simplified content management for everyone at PDI.

Our team greatly enjoyed collaborating with PDI on custom solutions for their curriculum management site. If you’d like to discuss how Clean Catalog software can be customized to fit the unique needs of your institution, feel free to reach out to us.

Brandon Maldonado

Training and LMS Technology Specialist

The customization and automation potential level led us to partner with Clean Catalog.