3 Reasons Students Love Using Our Catalogs

January 27, 2022

Maybe students will never love using your course catalog, but our software can help make it as easy and pleasant as possible for students to find the information they need. Today’s students are very tech savvy and have high standards for website interfaces, especially when it comes to academic software that they use on a daily basis. Clean Catalog software implements modern web fundamentals to ensure your catalog site is up to par and that your students will enjoy using it.

Accessible and Easy to Use on Any Device

The average student will use multiple electronic devices to supplement their studies. Your catalog site will be accessed across laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, and it’s crucial that your site performs well on every screen size. Our catalogs are built with responsive screen sizes so that your site never becomes distorted or difficult to use based on the device you’re using — the same information is available and easy .

Most colleges and universities using Clean Catalog get between 40-60% of visitors on phones. You can view a full breakdown of the analytics in our whitepaper on course catalog usage.

Fast Page Loads

Little online is more frustrating than a page that takes a long time to load — and it gets even more frustrating if you're on a slower internet connection. We design our catalog software so that our pages will load faster than almost anything else you'll visit online: page load times typically clock in well under one second, compared to an average of 3-5 seconds for most other websites.

course catalog page load time graph Weekly page load time graph for a community college catalog in November and December 2021 — an average of .5 second page load time!

Easy to Navigate and Search

We’ve designed our digital catalogs with intuitive navigation and search functions. Students are able to filter your course listings by different criteria, such as number of credits, discipline, class type, availability, and campus location. Students can also search for keywords like “accounting” or “financial aid info” in the catalog’s search bar to easily locate the information they’re looking for.

O ur catalogs not only feature built-in search to make finding content simple and intuitive, but are also optimized for external searches. We configure catalog sites to adhere to SEO best practices so that content can easily be found on third party search engines such as Google or Bing. This is beneficial for current students and prospective students alike who are searching for relevant catalog information online by enabling your catalog site to be listed in the search results.

If you’d like to learn more about our software and how it can benefit your students, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.