4 Advantages of Program of Studies Software

January 13, 2022

High schools and middle schools have unique challenges when it comes to publishing their Program of Studies. Clean Catalog software’s flexibility and countless customization options allow us to tailor your catalog to fit the specific needs of your institution. We make it possible to use the same powerful software as colleges and universities, all at an affordable cost with a free buildout done for you. Check out these four benefits your students and staff will enjoy when you transition to a digital platform for your Program of Studies.

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Simplified Content Management

Content management can be a time-consuming task for your staff, especially when your content must be edited within a Word Document, PDF, or InDesign file. These formats typically require all content changes be made on one working document, oftentimes by one staff member who has the file on their computer, and then the new catalog redistributed. When you switch to digital Program of Studies software, you will empower your teachers to make updates to their courses autonomously and then submit those changes to the appropriate administrator for approval. Workflows are fully customizable with granular permissions, approval pathways, and unlimited users that can be classified by role. Clean Catalog software also allows previous calendar years to be archived and keeps a revision log of all changes that have been made so that no version is ever truly lost.

Improved Accessibility for Staff, Students, and Parents

By hosting your Program of Studies online, you improve accessibility to your catalog for staff, students, and parents alike. Your content will be accessible across all devices, whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Our catalog sites are configured with responsive screen sizes, meaning that your site will adjust to fit any screen without distorting your content. This ensures that your Program of Studies is easy to use and navigate for everyone who accesses your site.

Clean Catalog software also features an automatic PDF generation tool so that any page of your Program of Studies, or the catalog in its entirety, can be printed on-demand. Since the PDF version of your site automatically syncs with the PDF version, you never have to worry about multiple or outdated versions being circulated. Publishing a change in your Program of Studies ensures that the change is reflected everywhere.

Easy-to-Use Interface

By transitioning to a digital Program of Studies catalog, your students will enjoy improved navigation, searchability, and accessibility to your content. Your site will be searchable on search engines like Google, and also feature customizable search features within the site itself. We can configure your site to search by any terms you’d like, whether it be course, subject, teacher, or any other factor. This allows students to more efficiently find information they need without having to parse long PDF documents. The structure of your digital Program of Studies can also be customized to reflect that of your institution.

Build-Out is Done for You

High schools and public school systems may not have the resources or bandwidth to build their own digital catalog or commit to the legwork of switching platforms. When you choose Clean Catalog software, however, the build-out is done for you. Your staff will simply hand off your current Program of Studies in whatever format it’s in, and then our team will migrate all of your content into a new digital format. Your staff can be as hands-on as you’d like with requesting customizations to the design, format, and functionality of your new catalog.

If you would like to learn more about how Clean Catalog software can be customized to fit the needs of your high school, feel free to reach out to us or schedule a software demo today.