Program of Studies Software for High Schools

October 22, 2021

Publishing a program of studies for your high school or middle school can be a time-consuming project for your staff. Here at Clean Catalog, we’ve designed our software to be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of secondary education institutions looking to publish their content online. Our software is not only affordable, but fully customizable, accessible, and easy for staff to manage.

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Organizing Your Program of Studies

No matter how your school structures its program of studies, your new catalog can be customized to reflect that format. Program of studies content can be organized by grade level, magnet programs, course classification (Advanced Placement, College Prep, Honors), or any other grouping you’d like to use. Our software also allows your faculty to easily create new catalog content using templates. This ensures that all content is complete, consistent and streamlined across your catalog.

Hosting Other Documents

Your program of studies site can be used to host other documents so that all of your digital publications are accessible from one site. We commonly integrate Code of Conduct and Student Handbooks into catalogs, as our software allows for easy updating when policies change. We can also incorporate academic calendars, syllabi, or any other documents into your catalog site, which will then allow users to generate PDFs and print hard copies of this content.

If your high school uses Canvas or Blackboard to facilitate coursework, then we can link to relevant course pages within course pages or syllabi. By hosting all of your school’s publications online, you will greatly improve the searchability, accessibility, and navigation of your program of studies.

User Workflows and Permissions

Delegating catalog management to your faculty and staff is easy when using Clean Catalog software. Our software includes unlimited user workflows and granular permission settings so that you can customize the process content undergoes for approval. Teachers, guidance counselors, and administration can all be granted different user permissions, which can be set based on their department, their job title, or on an individual basis. This empowers your employees to make their own updates for relevant catalog content and submit those changes for approval. A revisions portal also allows you to easily revert to previous versions, ensuring that content can never be fully deleted or overwritten.

Improving Accessibility

Publishing a digital program of studies that is easily accessible for all students, regardless of what devices they have at their disposal at home, is critical. Clean Catalog software is designed to be fully accessible across all devices due to its responsiveness to screen size. An automatic PDF generation feature is also baked into all of our software so that any page of the catalog can be printed.

If you would like to learn more about how Clean Catalog software can be customized to fit the needs of your high school, feel free to reach out to us or schedule a software demo today.