Publishing Certificate Programs on Your Course Catalog

April 17, 2024

Certificate programs are growing in popularity for their ability to offer students remote learning opportunities, affordable education, flexible learning schedules, faster pathways to employment, and specialized skill development. Certificate programs help to diversify an institution’s offerings and draw in a different population of students. For this reason, they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst colleges and universities of all sizes. However, integrating and differentiating certificate programs from degree programs can be a challenge for many institutions as they look to publish their course catalog online.

Certificate Programs vs. Degree Programs

Certificate programs differ from traditional degree programs in several key ways. While degree programs provide a comprehensive education across various subjects, certificate programs are designed to offer specialized training in a specific area or skill set. Certificate programs also tend to be shorter in duration, rely on remote learning, have flexible schedules, and utilize rolling admissions throughout the year. Due to these key differences, it doesn’t always make sense to publish a certificate program using the same format and structure of a traditional degree program.

Customizing Certificate Templates

Templating is a powerful tool for creating, editing, and publishing course catalog content. Here at Clean Catalog, we build custom templates based on the unique course, program, and degree structure at your school. We can do the same for certificate programs. Your certificate program may need more detailed information than a degree program may require, such as the number of months the program lasts, time requirement per week, start dates, part time versus full time enrollment, and skill development information. However your institution structures its certificate programs, we can build a custom template to reflect that. Templates will also ensure that your certificate programs are complete and consistent across your catalog, improving the overall experience for prospective students.

Publishing Courses for Certificate Programs

While some schools double-dip by offering the same course within both a degree program and a certificate program, other schools offer coursework completely unique to the certificate program. No matter which approach your institution takes, we can publish course listings with the exact structure and information necessary. Elective courses can also be utilized when certification programs give students the option of different specialization routes. For example, if a student is to choose between a course in SEO marketing and social media marketing, you can make that distinction within the certificate program page.

Accessibility for Students

Certificates are often offered as fully remote or hybrid learning programs. These students are relying heavily on technology for their studies, and a digital course catalog is a logical extension of their already-digital learning environment. Online certificate programs also open the door for students located across the country to enroll, expanding your institution’s potential reach. By publishing your course catalog online, you are improving your site’s search engine optimization (SEO), boosting your institution’s online presence, and promoting accessibility of your certificate offerings.

Certificate programs are an excellent way for institutions to expand their offerings, meet the evolving needs of learners, and remain competitive in today's educational landscape. Clean Catalog software is equipped with the tools and customizability to make publishing these certificate offerings seamless. If you’d like to learn more about certificate programs and how we can customize templates to meet your institution’s unique needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.