Technical Details


Clean Catalog academic catalogs are WGAC 2.0 compliant. Out of the box, they have zero accessibility errors.


Hosting is included in the cost of your Clean Catalog subscription. Our sites are ultimately hosted on Amazon Web Services — if your site goes down, odds are most of the internet is down as well.


Basically, this means that data can easily flow in and out of Clean Catalog catalogs. If you use a curriculum management system and want that to automatically update the course descriptions in your catalog, we can make that happen. Likewise, if you want to use the data from your catalog to your catalog to populate a course schedule, we can make that data available — and we're available to help build add ons like that.

Site Speed

Our catalogs typically have a page size of about 100kb and load in the 1 second range. For reference, the average webpage size is now roughly 2,000kb — 20 times the size of a Clean Catalog page.

Mobile-First Design

Our academic catalogs are built primarily for mobile devices — odds are, that's the way the majority of your students access the internet, so our catalogs are built to be fast and easy to navigate on phones and tablets.


All Clean Catalog sites have SSL set up by default.


You can use your own URL. Usually it's best to use a subdomain, like