Case Study — FAES @ NIH

We worked with the FAES at the National Institutes of Health to transform their PDF catalog into an accessible online version with fully customized design and functionality.

The Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES), is a non-profit located at the National Institutes of Health that conducts advanced educational programs. They approached Clean Catalog this spring because they needed a dynamic, engaging way to present their course offerings online, and we worked with them to launch a great-looking course catalog customized to fit their unique situation.

Fully Customized Design

When clients start with Clean Catalog, we build out their course catalog with a standard template, and then we work with them to customize it to fit their needs. Many of our higher-ed clients want a primarily text-based catalog, but the FAES catalog serves more of a marketing purpose than many catalogs, and they wanted a more image-based design to match.

We worked with the FAES's design team to fully realize their vision: images used throughout the site indicate course categories, courses can be viewed in both list and grid views, and images provide a bit more pop to text-based pages.

Faceted Course Search with Autocomplete

Faceted search for FAES Faceted course search

To help users more easily find courses, we worked with the FAES team to build out a faceted search to sort courses by keyword, title, type, credits, and department. For keyword and title, searches will autocomplete based on user input — if, for example, you start typing "MAT," it will prepopulate with all available MATH courses.

Image-based course categories on FAES homepage Image-based course categories on FAES homepage

Along with the faceted search, users can also browse courses by selecting any of the image categories on the homepage. Selecting, "Public Health," for example, will take you to a page with all the public health courses, which you can then search or browse.

Embedded Student Handbook

Like many of our higher-ed clients, the FAES wanted to include their student handbook along with their course catalog. While we do offer stand-alone student handbook software, we can also easily include student handbooks as part of course catalogs. The FAES team listed their student handbook as a tab within their catalog, where they can manage it from within the same system as the rest of their courses and generate a stand-alone PDF.