Latest Features — Building Out Our Curriculum Management Suite

February 14, 2018

We’re constantly working on improving and expanding Clean Catalog, and right now we’re working on adding a suit of curriculum-management features that tie in to our existing academic catalog functionality. Here’s where it’s at.

Transfer Guides and Degree Plans

We’re currently rolling out support for transfer guides and degree plans on some of the new sites we’re launching this spring. You can check out a sample transfer guide on the soon-to-launch site for Bevill State Community College.

Transfer guides and degree plans tie in to existing Clean Catalog courses and programs, letting you leverage your existing catalog content to quickly create and edit essential curriculum info for your students, faculty, and staff.

Up Next: Curriculum Guides and Syllabi

The next functionality that we’re hard at work on are curriculum guides and syllabi. Colleges and universities often put their own spin on these, so we’re working on building a flexible solution that’s easy to use but is able to meet the precise needs of different institutions.

What Would You Like to See?

If you have feedback on features you’d like to see from Clean Catalog, feel free to let us know! We love hearing from our customers and potential customers about what features would make their jobs easier.

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